If you are a business who's struggling to get more leads and grow beyond a limit, you are on the right place.


At Peter Benei Consulting, I help to transition businesses to a flexible distributed company that can grow beyond limits and find new prospects with digital marketing.


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During his time with us, Peter showed a great level of knowledge and enthusiasm and helped us to deliver some great results for our clients. He has been instrumental in transforming our thinking and our clients will only benefit from his time with us.
— Lukas Delport, Head of Digital, Them London
Peter joined us to help structure our team and work closely with us on client strategies. His passion and experience for it gave us great insight into what was possible and us and helped massively to win pitches, whilst ensuring that the day-to-day community management remained focused on engaging content and supporting users.
— Daniel Henderson, Business Director, Athlon
Peter was both a consummate professional and, on a personal level, an absolute pleasure to be around. His ability to think strategically, as well as creatively make Peter a fantastic sounding board for new ideas. Additionally, his wealth of knowledge around the latest developments socially makes him a great barometer - able to explain to staff at every level what’s possible and what’s not.
— Craig Mather, Lead Digital Strategist, Sapient

I can get you more leads

I have 10+ years of experience in digital marketing. I'm a skilled content marketer and digital strategist. I specialised in lead generation and funnel strategy with the utilization of outbound and inbound marketing.


I can change your business

I saw hundreds of business cases and I'm a business consultant by profession and an entrepreneur-by-heart. I can help you transition to new business models, support your change and put you on a growth pattern.


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My background

I have 10+ years of experience in digital marketing from the crossroads of PR, advertising, social media and business consulting.